Music Business Sponsorship

Interested in a week of advertisement and business promotion?

Introducing a fun and creative way to advertise your business and stay top of mind!

For one week, I will highlight your business and share an interesting fact about you on TWO of your favorite social platforms, PLUS, I promote your business by playing a song of your choice (one each day for five days)!

Things you need to know:

  • You get to pick 5-6 songs (Not all songs are considered).
  • Your community gets to know you in a fun, unique way!
  • You get to choose two platforms on which you wish me to share (list provided).
  • You choose from a selection of times you want your post to go live.
  • Your week starts approximately two weeks from application.
  • Topics discussed with your potential clients are chosen from five categories; Business info, Business questions, Personal questions, Entertainment questions, Referral questions.
  • Each day’s post also includes information on how listeners can contact you and your business.

To get started I will need you to answer the following questions (fill out the form below). Once I review your information I will send you a request for payment. Please pay promptly so as to not run the risk of delay in getting started. Music Sponsorship is $75. If I need to learn a new song, an additional $10 is required per each new song.